After 25 years of marriage and with them advancing in age,

At 52, she thinks they could have had enough sex but Damian feels this is the time they should have more sex and experiment with different styles and positions.

Bertha thinks Damian is seeing other women because he had never been so sexually active in years.

Read her story:

"My name is Bertha, a 46-year-old mother of four children. I have been married for the past 25 years with four children who have all left home for either the university or the boarding school.

I am left with my husband, Damian and our two house helps but I am worried that my husband is going crazy about sex now he knows that getting pregnant is 90% out of the way.

According to him, he needs sex on a daily basis so as to keep him in the right frame of mind. I have been a conservative woman who sees sex as just a necessity for married people and for procreation but my husband is not thinking in that light.

Damian is 52 and it seems he is afraid of losing his libido soon and wants to get all the sex he wants before that time comes.

In the past six months, we have been having sex like five times a week and Damian has introduced another aspect into it by insisting we try out different styles and positions even when he knows that I have never been comfortable doing those kinky sex things.

I was shocked the other day when he said I should give him a blow-job, ride him and do some other things that I would cringe at.

I think he is watching some pornographic movies or he is seeing a younger woman who does ll these things to him and he wants to practice them on me.

Some friends I confided in said I should even be happy that my husband wants to have sex with me every time even as we are advancing in age but I am worried that he is getting so crazy with age.

How do I tame Damian?


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Do you think something is wrong with Damian's high desire for sex?

How Nigeria voted:

Yes, he must be sleeping with younger women and needs variation - 25%

No, he is just behaving like a normal man - 21%

He may be taking sex-enhancing drugs - 13%

Bertha should be happy that her husband still desires her  - 45%

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