Kim Kardashian’s shocking hair loss is buzzing online and it seems she’s been trying to cover it up with weaves for too long. The reality star was caught in Los Angeles last week with her hair tied up in a high bun but the extent of what appears to be an extreme hair loss was dreadful to fans.

The mother of one has without doubt left many green with envy thanks to her remarkable post-pregnancy weight loss but is her dieting for weight loss causing a massive hair loss too?

Hair extension expert, Tatiana Karelina explains to MailOnline the possible factors that might have led to Kim’s extreme loss of hair calling it, Traction Alopecia;

“It could be Kim’s rapid weight loss that triggered her hair loss,” She added, “It is well known that during the later stage of pregnancy you lose less hair due to hormones, making it thicker and lusher, but when you have the baby most women find they  seem to be losing a lot more hair than normal…”

“With the rapid amount of weight Kim lost and dieting in the months after the birth, this may have accelerated the hair loss, giving sparser looking patches, we can clearly see how thin her hair is around the hairline.”

Tatiana went on to say that Kim's apparent reliance on hair extensions to give her boosted locks have now left her with Traction Alopecia, and that she should have the weaves removed as soon as possible if she doesn't want to damage her hair further.

During her pregnancy Kim showed no signs of hair loss but now, she stands the risk of losing a larger chunk is care is not taken.

Should Kim keep her weave on or rock her fairly patched natural hair?