Written Entertainment star, Ashanti is so over Nelly right now. She is moving on and she’s been seen with another famous face, DeSean Jackson from the Philadelphia Eagles football team. Speculations about their relationship sparked when the football star posted a photo of themselves chilling in Philadelphia on Nov. 17 and then promoting the singer’s latest record on his Instagram page around same time.

Ashanti reportedly spent nine years with rapper Nelly and just recently left him. But it seems the singer has found love in a new beau and speaking with Hot 97 radio last week, Ashanti was able to admit that she and Nelly are done and she is focusing now on her music.

“Nelly and I are kind of in that space where, I’m kinda like focusing on my career, he’s focusing on what he’s doing, you know there’s a lot of things that happened this year, you know a lot of things kinda went public more than other things have gone public before, you know what I’m saying? I kinda just…I have to do me. Um, we’re in that space right now and there are things that were said and things that were done, that probably shouldn't have been said or done, but they have been.”The singer also admitted that her controversial track, “Never Should Have” was written about Nelly.

“At that very moment when I was physically writing that record, I was in the studio in LA, and me and him [Nelly] were in this space of we were getting back together. We were back being cool…And we were actually Skyping while I was recording the record. So the record was about when we were going through the bad times, but we were cool when I was recording it so it is weird, you know. So it was about him, but it wasn’t. But he picked it, he loved the record.”

However, Ashanti is about to pop out with a brand new hit called, “Scars” and once again, Nelly seem to be the inspiration behind this one too.

“Um, he put a couple of on me. Not physically, we don’t want to put that out…we’ve definitely scarred each other. Getting back to the record, it’s a deep record…I feel like I’m revealing very much, more than I have on previous records.”

We had earlier reportedAshanti now runs her own record label called Written Entertainment, has a new album coming up and has a new film for Christmas, Christmas In The City. It definitely would be great to see her with someone new now that her ex, Nelly has officially moved on.