Though I am from the eastern parts of the country, I was born in England. My father met my mother, a Scottish lady when he went for studies. They were not married when I was born, so after his studies, he had to come back to Nigeria while I grew up with my mother and my step dad.

My real dad was always in touch, making me know I am an African, a fact that always made me proud of my roots. He came once in a while to visit us and brought me home for holidays as well. Being from a royal home, my grandparents thought me the basics of Igbo life including respect for elders, tradition and culture.

When I graduated and got the job with the company, I was very happy since they have a subsidiary in Nigeria and I kind of worked my way to be posted to my country.

I was surprised when I came home and realised that my father had gotten married, his third, to a very young lady who was just two years older than me.

From the first time set eyes on me, she stuck to me and we became so close, to the delight of my father who often times, always sought my opinion on things, so he was happy  I approved of his new wife.

Being someone who was born and brought up in Lagos, Maureen kind of became my unofficial guide and showed me round the town. She took me to the cinemas, the beaches, shopping complexes and hangouts.

I was comfortable in her company though I did not forget the fact that she was my father's wife. But she became sort of possessive and always got angry whenever she noticed I had interest in any lady, often warning me about Lagos girls, how they are after money and all that.

I thought she was just looking out for me as her stepson, not knowing she had ulterior motives till the day we went to a beach party one of her friend's threw. Dad had travelled to China on business, so there was no fear he would disapprove of going with her to the party.

At the party, Maureen made sure everyone knew I was off limits and even when I tried to chat with some ladies, she would practically intervene and drag me away. On our way home after the party, Maureen curled up in the front seat of the car and rested her head on my shoulders. I knew she was a bit tipsy and tired, so I did not mind her resting on me.

When we got home, I helped her to her room and retired to mine but late into the night, I woke up to find her naked, sucking on my manhood. I was shocked and jumped out of bed, asking her what had gone into her.

That was when she told me that she was sex starved and. When I reminded her she is my father's wife, and as such my stepmother, she told me to forget that fact, telling me she is in love with me.

I managed to persuade her to go back to her room that night but since then, I have not had peace with her as she keeps harassing me sexually, begging me all the time to have sex with her.

Now she has added another dimension to it: she has promised to tell dad that I raped her if I refused to sleep with her and knowing my father, he will surely believe her and anything could happen.

I know what she is asking of me is an abomination but at the same time, I do not want to be at logger heads with my family.

What do I do?


Dear readers, on Morning Teaser today, what would you do if you found yourself in Mike's shoes?