A participant in the much

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The Ibadan, Oyo State-based man who identified himself as Dayo, is not finding it funny with the recent freezing of the account of the scheme and has pleaded with the administrator to refund his invested fund without the promised 30% interest.

Dayo explained how he who borrowed the money from someone in his area to invest shortly before the announcement of the restriction on the accounts of participants on the December 13, 2016, an action that has caused untold panic in the over three million Nigerians who put their money in the scheme.

Read the funny message Dayo sent to the MMM operators:

“Pls help me beg Shege Mafroday to let me collect help. Dat money I borrow from Iya Sodiq in d 3 house away from me.

My enemies will rejoice on me, if I am not collect the money dis December. I don't want percentage again. Just give me oju owo. Ejo...Pls. Av mercy.”

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Since the announcement, many Nigerians have gone into a frenzy with some reported to have committed suicide while some have become hypertensive.