With the fear surrounding the emergence of the eccentric billionaire,

We have a guest writer on Men's Roundtable today and he takes a look at the victory of Donald Trump in the recently concluded presidential election in the United States and what it holds for Nigerians living there.

The victory of Donald Trump in the polls is historic and it is a reflection of true democracy in the United States of America.

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It is on record that the sitting President of the United States of America campaigned vigorously for Secretary Hillary Clinton, who, by every account, has more policy experience than Trump.

But the working class White Americans voted en masse for Trump because they believed his promise of creating more jobs in America, bringing jobs out-sourced to other countries back home, and building a wall between the Mexico and the U.S.A border will help improve their economic condition.

Nigerians with legal status in the United States have nothing to fear about deportation because America is not a country of men but of laws.

Congress has to pass a bill and the bill signed into law by the President in order for the President to implement his or her immigration agenda.

Trump does have the authority after being sworn in as President to issue executive orders that will administratively change how legal documents in order to live, visit, and work in America are issued.

And also, the incoming President Trump can also vigorously enforce current immigration laws in the books in order to deport folks here in America without legal documentation to be here.

Naturalized citizens in the United States of America that are of Nigerian descent or descent from other countries have nothing to fear regarding deportation.

It is unprecedented for a President to ponder deporting citizens of the US nor is it legal. We are eager to see if Mr. Trump will fulfill his promises about building a wall along the U.S.A-Mexico border and vigorously profile Muslims as he suggested during the campaign.

Donald Trump is set to carry out all his threats

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Historically, Presidents have not always implemented every agenda they articulated during campaigns. It will be instructive to see what happens with the Presidency of Donald Trump.

Generally, Nigerians in the United States of America preferred the candidacy of Secretary Clinton during the campaigns partly because her immigration policy was not as dramatic as that of President-elect Trump.

Nigerians are living their everyday lives with the victory of Mr. Trump as they did before and I suspect most without papers will try to legalize their stay in the United States of America as soon a possible.

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I doubt that Nigerians without legal documentation will move back to Nigeria en masse because most still feel they have more economic opportunities here in U.S.A as compared to Nigeria.

is a 2013 Fellow with President Obama's policy organization, Organizing for Action and the founder, Nigerians Saving Nigerians.