A few days ago, the Governor of Anambra State,

Gov. Obiano reiterated the call for prayers to take the country out of the current recession at a prayer rally organized by the Province of the Niger Anglican Communion in Awka, the state capital.

The governor, himself a former banker and technocrat, said:

“If there is anything the state and indeed the country need now, it is prayers. The present economic recession, the increased kidnapping, armed robbery and other criminal activities in the country have brought untold hardship to the people.

And all of these things can be solved by prayers."

This call for prayers for the country has been reiterated by many political office holders including the President, Senators, members of the House of Representatives, governors, ministers and even past leaders who hold prayer rallies for Nigeria.

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Yes, prayers work wonders and even the Holy Bible, in the book of 1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18, mandates us to pray without ceasing as that is the only way to obtain what one seeks.

But in the same vein, the book of James 2: 17, states clearly that prayers without action are powerless, therefore, you have to add actions to your prayers for it to work and give you what you want.

Nigeria and Nigerians have prayed for years, going on bended knees every time there is a need for such, heeding to the calls by politicians to pray for the country.

But what do they get? Only more calls for prayers without the actions needed to get the prayers to work. Past governments have neglected works and instead focussed on prayers to solve the myriads of problems facing the country.

While Nigerians pray, the politicians devise various means to steal the country blind, dividing the nation's wealth amongst themselves. Those in government do not see the need to add actions to the prayers of Nigerians.

While we prayed, the past leaders who plundered the country are walking the streets free with no one to hold them accountable. Some have successfully decamped to the ruling party and are now seen as saints.

While we prayed, government officials are sharing the money, making us look like fools for agreeing to pray for Nigeria.

While we pray, our soldiers are being killed by Boko Haram insurgents because money earmarked to buy weapons for them are diverted to their pockets.

While we prayed, Ministers are stashing our money, some hiding them in soakaways, farms and buying up mansions in foreign lands while children attend the best schools all over the world.

While we prayed, Senators are holding the country to ransom, only fighting over money and more money, buying state of the art cars and painting the town red, often coming on social media to display that ill-gotten wealth.

While we prayed, our fellow citizens are being killed, abducted, abused and made to regret being born in Nigeria, with no help coming their way.

While we prayed, House of Representative members are busy padding the budget, allocating stupendous amounts of money for themselves.

While we prayed, our graduates are roaming the streets with no jobs; some of them have become criminals and prostitutes while others are doing everything to make ends meet, but our political leaders and packing our money.

While we prayed, companies are closing down, running to saner climes because of unfavorable government policies.

While we prayed, the Naira is nose-diving, the purchasing power of Nigerians plunging seriously and millions are losing their jobs.

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So, for how long will Nigeria continue to pray without works?

What Nigeria needs are actions capable of reviving the economy, bringing anyone indicted in corrupt practices to book and stop the dependence on prayers.

Enough is enough.