Instagram has been rated the worst social media app for young people in terms of mental health.

The Royal Society for Public Health carried a poll and asked people (from 14-24) to rate Instagram according to anxiety, depression, loneliness, bullying and body image.

Instagram was rated the worst based on these issues. YouTube got the most positive rating followed by Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat.

In the poll, Instagram did have its positives. It rated well in self-expression, self-identity and emotional support.

In April 2017, according to research by LendEDU, Instagram boosts your ego. The study involved 10,000 millennials and the results showed that 64% of them are of the opinion that Instagram is the most narcissistic social media app.

Going deeper, 78% of those who took the study said they know someone who deleted an Instagram post because it didn't get enough likes. Yeah, we all know someone like this, if that notification bar doesn't pop up fast on his or her screen, the delete button is next.

Early this week, Instagram launched another Snapchat-type feature for Stories— Face Filters.

The filters are exactly like those you are used to on Snapchat. The only difference is that in Instagram’s iteration, you do not need to long press on your face to bring up the filters.

Once you open the Stories camera, the filters are there. You only have to select the one you prefer. The face filters also work with Boomerang, Instagram’s 3-second video tool.