Abuja men are not having it with women who use body enhancers such as padded braziers, hips and bum boosters, as it does not tell the true tale about their body physique.

According to some of the men, who spoke to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), many of them have been misled by the appearance of some of these women.

Condemning the practice, a man named Timothy Danladi said, “I find the use of artificial buttocks by some women to add more to their God’s given physique unattractive.

“This is because it gives a wrong impression about their stature that will definitely be revealed to their partners when they get married."

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Emmanuel Alabi was blunt about what the end is for women using body enhancers, and what he is said was not pretty.

“If a woman uses artificial things to entice a man into marrying her, nemesis will catch up with her because when he later finds out that those things were fake, it could even lead to break-up of the union."

A market survey conducted by NAN reported that traders see a very high patronage for wares such as padded bras.

This was confirmed by Malam Usman Ali who sells undergarments at Garki market, Abuja.

The price of padded bra varied between N350 to N4,500 depending on the quality, while hip booster cost between N700 to N3,500, report says.