Two prisoners, Moysha Shepherd and Demehl Thomas both 25 years old from Birmingham are to serve extra nine months in jail after being charged for making an authorized sound recording in prison. The three minutes rap video was recorded by another prison inmate with an illegally held mobile phone.

Birmingham mail reports show that Shepherd was charged with breaching the 1952 prison act in September while serving a five year sentence for dangerous driving and involvement in a prison van breakout.  Thomas on the other hand, was serving a seven year term for aggravated burglary.

The two prisoners who boasted about stabbing in the video pleaded guilty and admitted making the illegal recording between August 1 and 16 this year.

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The Judge, Patrick Thomas QC when asked if he would like to watch the video before passing a sentence said: “it’s unlikely to appeal to me and unless it informs me (in passing judgment) I am not going to take up valuable court time.”

In a matter of days, the video already has about 10,000 views on YouTube. Geraldine Total who is mitigating for shepherd said: “I have seen it twice. It’s simply a rap video.”

The other defendant’s counsel, Thomas Schofield also told the court: “This is two men singing and rapping to another prisoner inside about their hopes for release and the future.”

Judge Thomas who still isn’t interested in watching the video insists that illegal possession of mobile phones could be ‘highly disruptive’ and have some serious consequences for prison security.