The 19-year-old girls, Maria and Consolata Mwakikuti, according to a BBC reporter, Leonard Mubali, had vehemently refused to be separated, rather decided to push ahead with their lives against all odds to tell everyone that no matter the situation they find themselves, they can still achieve their dreams.

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Reporting the story of the girls, Mubali said have inspired a lot of people with their zest for life and their quest to succeed despite their handicap.

Having lost both parents at a tender age - their mother died after being delivered of the twins- the twins who were adopted by a catholic church's charity organization, forged ahead and are now set to graduate from secondary school.

Martha and Consolata during e school lesson

Photo Credit: Leonard Mubaili

Mubali who joined Maria and Consolata during one of their class sessions at their school in Iringa Udzungwa, South-West Tanzania, narrated that the girls were very active in class and got along very well with their classmates.

Their headmaster, Edward Fue, said he had been shocked when he first met the girls and was at a loss as to how to help them, as the school didn't have the facilities to cater for them then.

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A year later, the local government added a special room to the school where the girls get to rest when they need to and also hired a driver to take them to and from home.

According to Mubali, Maria and Consolata have rejected any attempt to surgically separate them and have vowed to forge ahead with their lives and pursue a joint career.