Get Out songster Joanna_Levesque aka JoJo can sing again! After spending 7 years under a dreadful contract with Background Records, she is again in fully control of her voice under Atlantic Records - thanks to her incredible team of lawyers. The former label reportedly prevented the singer from releasing new projects after just two albums.

JoJo’s nightmarish ordeal started after the release of her 2006 sophomore album, The High Road, when her former label ran into a few distribution hiccups that left the singer in limbo. Having signed a seven-album deal with the company at age 12 in 2004, JoJo ended up suing Blackground last year, citing a New York law that bars minors from signing deals lasting more than seven years, and stating that the contract should have expired in 2011.

According to LA Times, things went so bad that she wasn't even allowed to sing in movies [soundtracts]. In November 2013, while attending the premiere of her new movie, G.B.F. (Gay Best Friend), she made the revelation: "I don’t sing [in the movie].  I'm actually in a lawsuit right now because I don't own my voice. It’s a really — it’s a pretty f**ked up situation, but I'm getting out of it"

Fortunately for the singer, her fans were loud and clear, on sites not to mention social media, and after ganging up a well efficient legal team, and fighting for her rights, she has finally been released from that contract. The singer has now signed a new deal with Atlantic Records – home of Janelle Monáe, Bruno Mars, Trey Songz, and B.O.B — and will be releasing her third album sometime this year.

Someone shout Hallelujer!!!! Earlier today, the excited diva hopped on Instagram to thank her lawyers because they sure as hell did a great job : #FREEDJOJO @absatlantic Superb lawyering @DJD & litigation team #letsWORK #teamjojo #yourethefuckingbest

According to NecholeBitchie, "despite the long battle and not being able to release any official music, JoJo remained on her grind, releasing two mixtapes in the span of two years, Can’t Take That Away from Me (2010) and Agápē (2012)."

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