Judging by how dramatically the number of start-ups and projects has increased, P2P exchanges have become more and more usual scheme of business - in carrying out transactions. P2P is gaining ground.

The most important difference with this form of exchange is that users have all the necessary tools in their hands to place almost any world currencies, as well as to perform operations on their exchange, without resorting to the often very expensive transfer fee.

This is especially true for those citizens who do their business, develop start-ups, or those working or studying abroad.

It is often difficult for them to carry out money transfers, foreign exchange operations without costly over-payments in favour of financial institutions.

As it is known, such financial institutions, often banks and brokerage firms in those transfers or exchanges currency charge are often in just huge interest.

Users are demanding a lot of documents - from passport data to bank account numbers. It is especially not suitable for safety reasons, because they could be susceptible to fraudulent activities.

But now this problem is solved.

Through P2P platform, users are able to exchange currencies very quickly and without much concern - no matter where the user resides or if he is a member of this system.

Of course, banks make such transactions possible. Participants make exchanges based on their considerations and benefits. Due to transfers within the system they can get the money, they need quickly - from a few minutes to a couple of days.

How to trade on the exchange platform


This is an Asian peer to peer Internet platform. It provides an opportunity for all the participants to perform various exchange operations between the two countries without expensive fees.

This exchange also provides its users with the necessary tools to carry out money transfers between them without any interest.

A variety of trades were carried out between currencies and fiat money around the clock.

The network has a whole system of statistical information created by famous block chain technology and P2P Person to Person Exchange.


At the moment, this is the most efficient and convenient alternative to the various banking institutions, which are fully subject to their central offices and a variety of associated regulations and regulatory mechanisms.

Committing all exchange operations on an adhoc P2P Exchange e-Dinar is very easy. It is a simple procedure.

First, you need to register through social networks. Next, you need to provide your e-mail address and your telephone number. Then you need to give your account number, and at the very end of a request get to the 'buying and selling'.

Then your application gets in the overall listing, which already has more than a thousand participants. In the end of July the e-Dinar community reached 150,000 members, mostly from Asia, Africa, South America and Eastern Europe.

Every day they perform more than 1,000 transactions, not overpaying costly commissions to banks. e-Dinar is ranked the 50th among the P2P exchange platforms in CoinMarketCap. In just six months, the functioning of this market funds reached a turnover of several million.

The P2P Exchange e-Dinar allows you to exchange all types of cryptocurrency in the world in more than 100 kinds of payment systems and the world's top 500 banks, which are currently at the peak of popularity.

In addition to the income, by increasing volume, the cryptocurrency exchange provides a platform for the exchange of e-Dinar. Community provides mining gifts to 0.65% for the exchange day.

Guarantees of E-DINAR

- e-Dinar guarantees the security of transactions on your p2p-exchange and protection from fraud

- 100% return of the lost funds in cases of unfair exchange between users within a day

- Ensures the safety of the action scam

- Ensures user privacy for security purposes

- Work on blockchain technology

- Own stock exchange belonging to p2p E-Dinar

- Mining bonuses up to 0.65% per exchange day

- The ability to get access to technical support in several languages ​​including English, Russian and Chinese

- Interest of the transactions between the participants for the partner’s cryptocurrency is 0.2%, which provides income for p2p sharing site;

- Ease of transactions made on the stock exchange. https://e-dinar.io/

This is a feature by e-Dinar