Rapper Young Jeezy has been arrested again for cussing the police in Atlanta last night. The rapper, who was recently got cuffed for battery, false imprisonment and allegedly making terroristic threats against his own son a few weeks ago, told the police 'f**k you' when they arrived at the his girlfriend’s house yesterday.

Reports say Jeezy (real name Jay Wayne Jenkins) got arrested after the cops responded to an alarm call at his girlfriend’s home in Alpharette, Georgia yesterday but it’s still unclear who or what triggered the alarm.

According to the reports, when the cops arrived on scene and asked for the rapper's name and identification card, Jeezy told the police, "F**k you, I ain't telling you", before attempting to flee the scene while the police slapped the cuffs on him. It’s clear the star was uncooperative with the police hence arrested for obstructing the law.

He’s been booked at the Fulton County jail, reports confirm