Much ado about DNA.

#NaijaTwitter sure knows how to pick its topics. Last week, the heated argument was about DNA- should fathers do DNA test for their kids?

I asked this question last week and the office erupted. Many women didn't find the idea funny. The idea of a DNA test signifies to them that their husbands think they are sleeping around. That is a heavy accusation that no woman will take lightly.

The response to the whole matter mirrored that on Twitter. Many of the Nigerian ladies on the platform did not find the idea funny.

As expected, the issue became a gender battle. Men told tales of how their devoted wives cheated on them. Women blasted men who brought up the idea. Some went as far as saying most women would sleep outside and have kids for other men because their husbands are impotent.

The most shocking tale from this heated topic was that of a man who said a woman threatened him because he told his male friends on Facebook to have DNA tests for their kids.

DNA test is not the issue here but the cheating culture among women. It is not as mainstream as the male cheating culture but it exists very much. We don't like to talk it because it is not an easy narrative to swallow.

With some experts in the field saying that a lot of men who carry out DNA tests end up in tears when they find out their child isn't theirs, maybe we should be talking more about women and cheating.

Whatever the case maybe, as a father will you carry out DNA tests on your kids?