Africa is now hot cake as international media companies are falling over themselves to get a foothold on the continent.

For international media companies, setting up shop before their rivals on the continent is the new race to the North Pole or the moon. Its a case of who gets to Africa early on and dominates.

It might sound like a cliché, but the truth is that there are opportunities for media companies in Africa as Europe, Asia and North America are already choked.

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Konbini, a digital media company established in 2008 has already planted its flag in Africa, Nigeria to be exact. With a presence in America, United Kingdom, France, and Mexico, Konbini is here for a slice of the pie.

Konbini focuses on the pop culture of the countries it is based in. It prides itself as the "worldwide #1 source of pop culture." It has different versions of its site to suit each country. The Nigerian website for Konbini is The Nigerian website has already kicked off, and Nigerian pop stories have started appearing on the site along with American ones.

While Konbini is in Nigeria, the popular Huffington Post is set to expand to South Africa. On Friday, September 16, Huffington Post announced it will be launching its 16th edition in South Africa.

Huff Post South Africa will be in conjunction with the South African company, Media24. Numbers wise, Huffington Post has 750,000 unique users monthly.

Expect the digital media industry in Nigeria and Africa to get pretty interesting and competitive in the next two years. Also expect standards to rise.