Fantasia says she is alive, well and putting her kids first. So for all those suggesting she will take her own life just because her boyfriend, Antwaun Cook has reunited with his estranged wife, should better think again.

It’s true the singer hasn’t had the greatest of experiences in the love department and maybe the recent rumor got started because of the singer’s suicide history - she did make an attempt to take her own life after aborting the then couple’s first child in 2010 - but that was then. Now, she says man or no man, she is doing just fine and death is no go area.

Fantasia took to Instagram yesterday to let the world know she is a survivor!

“Lol!!! Who keeps this stuff Going?? It’s becoming a Lil questionable lord lord lord,” she wrote. “It’s almost been a Year and this is still going on. Lol!! He and I are not together. I’m not going anywhere so stop trying to make me Dead.. Lmao!!! I’m just getting started”

Rumors of her suicide attempt sprung up few weeks ago because, as we’ve earlier said, Antwaun and his estranged wife Paula got back together, which means Fantasia is definitely out of the picture. As a result, some, including her friends, speculated the Cook’s reunion was too much for Fantasia to handle and thought that she would revisit those suicidal thoughts again.

Well folks, Fanny ain’t having’ it. “My kids are the reason to my existence, I’m going nowhere.”