Nigerian music star D’banj has launched The Year of Agriculture Campaign in Lagos as a means to alleviate poverty in Africa. The singer, in association with Bono of U2’s One Campaign, are urging all African Heads of State to make agriculture a leading profession amongst young people in Africa via their various state agricultural policies.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lagos yesterday [Jan.27], D’banj reminisced his childhood as a farm hater, calling it a suffer-head, "farming was like punishment to me. I never saw the importance of farming", but as a grown man now, he says "to celebrate my 10 year anniversary in music [2004-2014] the Koko Foundation is partnering with the One Campaign organization to fight poverty in my continent and I will love to help out through the agricultural sector".

With over 69% of Africa’s labour force practising agriculture, the Kokomaster’s greatest fear is for Africa to someday begin importing food just because her agricultural sector was left to die a natural death. Stating the Maputo Act of 2003 which declared 2014, The year of Agriculture, D’banj says, "I am now a koko farmer and believe that entertainers can help make farming sexy in Africa. Graduates should be able to do farming to sustain livelihood".

D’banj will be joining the head of media for The One Campaign in Africa, Nde Ndifonka to urge all Heads of State in Africa at the forthcoming African Union [A.U] Summit in Addis Ababa on January 29 to give more attention to Agriculture. The singer will also be signing a petition to that effect and will call on his fellow entertainers in African to join in the struggle.

"I am getting fully involved now because I've found passion in farming and will use more of the social media to spread this campaign." D’banj said, "I feel for the rural farmers who have to struggle to farm and then sell their products under stiff conditions. This is the year of Agriculture and we want these people to feel comfortable in their profession ... No Food No Life!" he concluded.