R. Kelly and Lady Gaga surely have the most intimate platonic relationship ever and despite new pictures from their Do What You Want video shoot showing up yesterday online, both super stars are keeping the sex-dance-moves intact and very personal.

From the new pictures, R. Kelly is giving everyone the ‘middle finger’ as he grabs Gaga closest to his abs. Gaga is seen looking like she is enjoying every move the Pied Piper is taking. “Who wouldn't love this ride?” She may have thought. Both have taken this sexy performance from TV Shows to Music Awards – America Music Awards and there is no stopping them.

In his recent interview, Kelly, 46, told UK Guardian that the collaboration with the Bad Romance singer was 'a match made in alien heaven'. "It’s two aliens meeting, you know? You’re talking a language that other people don’t understand … and we went to the moon with that one, we’ll probably be doing some more things in the future."

"I met my match when I met her. She’s not afraid to just do themselves and not try to do anyone else," Kelly admitted.

Well, Lady Gaga didn't seem to disagree when she took to Twitter recently to admit, “Its unlike any video I’ve ever done. Very Personal. Just making it perfect. Exciting.”

Kelly and Gaga are probably going to shock us all and we definitely can't wait to see where this 'intimate' video takes their relationship to.