Africa’s largest musical collaboration show, Coke Studio is back with a fourth season, and it is a promise of amazing discoveries.

According to Coca-Cola Nigeria, the first episode of  the this year’s season will air Sunday, October 9 on AIT at 6pm with subsequent episodes aired same day, on the same station, and at the same time.

Themed “Discover”, this season will see 9 of Nigeria’s ‘baddhest’ music trailblazers: join 36 other A-list musicians from across Africa to create over 90 songs which will be aired on 11 episodes.

If you are wondering what Coke Studio is, the show is a music platform that brings together the best musicians and music producers from different African countries to collaborate and produce hot, fresh and dope songs.

This Season takes the experience even further as it digs deep into each of the artists' psyche, giving the audience an opportunity to discover the real person behind their favourite acts.

In the meantime, follow Coke Studio on Facebook, Instagram and twitter @cocacolanigeria for the rare opportunity to ask the artistes all the questions you have always wanted to and get your answers real time from them.