Its not every Friday or Saturday night that you want to stay at home, cooped up in your living room.

There are some nights you just want to have fun and paint the town red. Clubbing is a past time for many Lagosians who want to blow off steam.

If you are new to the scene and do not know how to enjoy clubbing in Lagos here are the five rules for you below;

1) Move with your squad

Clubbing alone is boring. It's no fun at all. Hanging in a club without your guys is not the best way to be up all night. When you are planning to go the club, tell your guys, your wolf pack, and plan ahead. On the D-day, you guys move in a convoy or a cab to your chosen destination. There is nothing like partying with friends.

2) Hold your wallet

Even though you are partying with friends, the smart thing is to take your wallet along. No one is going to pay your bills. As a matter of fact since you are going with guys, it is most likely that you are going to contribute to buying a bottle of Ciroc. Drinks in the club are expensive. The sensible thing is to have your wallet stacked.

3) Do not overdress

As a guy do not overdress. Going to the night club is not the same thing as going to a secondary school party or thanksgiving at church. Keep it simple. A t-shirt, a pair of jeans and sneakers would do. Going to the club dressed as a masquerade modelling on the runway during Lagos Fashion Week isn't cool. Keep it simple bro.

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4) Know the difference between a babe and prostitute

In the club, things can get confusing with the loud music, laser lights and smoke. In the whole set-up, you might just confuse a beautiful babe who is in the club to have fun with a prostitute. Sadly, there are a lot of hookers who sell their wares in night clubs. They pose as patrons and have deceived many. As they say on the streets, shine your eyes before you take a prostitute home and be embarrassed in the morning.

5) Tip bouncers

Bouncers can be very annoying but tipping them can make them pleasant to deal with. A few Naira notes on the palm and you might just be upgraded from the main section of the club to the V.I.P.