It has been down to sheer luck for Indian man, Mohammad Basheer Abdul Khadar, who recently survived a plane crash, then went on to win a million dollar lottery days after.

Abdul Khadar was one of 300 passengers on-board a Dubai bound flight who survived a crash after the aircraft caught fire as it was about to land on Wednesday, August 3, 2016.

According to Gulf News, the lucky man had bought a lottery ticket on his way to India for an holiday. He realized this was a winning slip upon his return to Dubai.

Full of good heart and care for the needy, Abdul Khadar has outlined how he plans to spend his winnings.

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“I clearly need to help the kids in Kerala who are less blessed than others and need some budgetary help and medicinal backing.

“I would prefer not to offer it to a philanthropy or manufacture a business, I need to go out and discover individuals who truly require help and give them cash.

“I was poor, and I comprehend what individuals experience.”