Mujidat Saliman, a middle aged housewife has asked a Grade C Customary Court sitting in Ibadan, Oyo State, to dissolve her 13-year-old marriage to her husband, Kabir Saliman, alleging that he beats her and her parents anytime they intervene in their quarrels.

Apart from domestic violence, Mujidat also accused her husband of being irresponible and not taking care of the family.

“My husband has not paid my bride price after 13 years of marriage; I now have five kids for him. He did not allow me to work and only gives me N300 to prepare food for the family.

When he eventually  allowed me to open a shop where I sell engine oil, he accused me of going out with different men who are my customers, knowing the nature of the business I do.

My husband is so troublesome, he beats me mercilessly several times in a week, most times I end up being taken to the hospital. He disrespects my family to the extent of beating my mother and recently did the same to my father.

He has refused to enroll the kids in school and threatened to kill my mother in order to get me back forcefully. This is the third time I am taking him to court. All police interventions have proven abortive, I want a divorce.”

But her husband would not take the accusation lying low as he also told the court that his wife was wayward, promiscuous and a flirt.

“My daughter once told me she (Mujidat) sent her to an okada man to collect money. I did not react to this until I caught her with a man in front of her shop and I heard an unspeakable conversation between them.

Her mother supported her when I reported, saying it was the nature of her job that warranted her keeping male company. Her mother, I am sure, has kept another husband for her as she took her in the very day she left our home and abandoned the kids.

I had been asked several times if I wanted a divorce, but I said no because of the kids. This is the third time she had sued me to court. , I want to divorce her so that I can take care of my children.”

The President of the court,  Chief Amusa Makinde adjourned the case till October 21  for both parties to have a rethink.