Today, Wednesday, October 2, 2016, Bobrisky announced his plans to start up a foundation to assist the government. He didnt divulge details on what type of foundation he would set up or how he plans to assist the government, but you do get the feeling that this Bobrisky once again riding on his fame.

The poor chap is milking the fame and attention that we all gave him. It's baffling that people would be interested in a bleached Nigerian man who dresses like a woman but we have been interested in stranger things before.

Kudos to him for converting the attention. His fame thirsty antics got him a feature on International Business Times. The international news site described him as "Okuneye is a Nigerian citizen renowned for his widespread use of social media app SnapChat, where he posts content under the name Bobrisky. He is known to many as "Africa's first female Barbie" due to his flamboyant appearance and use of make-up."

The 15 minutes has ended and let us move on to another spectacle. Really, Bobrisky has become boring and his antics so yesterday. The annoying part that some people do not know he is a joke and taking him seriously.

The Snapchat king was invited to be a speaker at Rights & Responsibilities Semina in Abuja on Thursday, October 27, 2016.

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The Special Assistant to the President on New Media Bashir Ahmad was not a part of this tomfoolery and pulled out from the panel due to Bobrisky's inclusion.

The next day Subomi Plumptre of Alder Consulting released a statement concerning her decision to pull out from the event also.

There is a time to play, laugh and joke. This is the time to mute Bobrisky.