An openly gay Nigerian man,

Ubetowan who is based in Calabar, Cross River State and describes himself on his Facebook page as unapologetically weird, proudly homosexual and a nudist, posted that he will be fulfilled in life if he gets to suck God's penis and drink his semen.

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While many felt Ubetowan was just looking for cheap fame with the post, Nigerians got angry and made sure they gave him a piece of their minds with their comments on the post.

Read some of the angry reactions here:

Yebo: 'It's your soul I pity, not your deceiving flesh. At death, the energy in you that is presently deceiving you to say such rubbish would be gone and only your helpless soul would be left at the mercies of the creator.'

Ebuatuegwu: 'This idiot deserve to be beheaded.'

Kacylee: 'You dey watch ur life dey dance skelewu go inside gutter... why is our society condoning homosexuals? It should be frowned at with same passion as robbery, gush!!! This is so annoying.'

Williams: 'Why our government is not doing anything about this act is because most of our leaders in the government are LGBT.'

Etimuku: 'Father forgive him for he knows not what he is saying nor doing.'

Xspraise: 'Thunder wey go fire ur mouth they come from Cotonou.'

Don247: 'The latest fool in Nigeria. See as him be like the devil himself.'

Cypanyahucha: 'It will soon be late for you if you shun repentance. You can go scot free for insulting man but your punishment will be too small for ten thousand people put together in the pit of hell for insulting God.

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You want to score cheap popularity via social network!!! That will not be compared to the cyclone of punishment that will engulf your miserable life.'

Pricklong: 'Have you finished sucking and drinking your biological father's own? The devil has taken over you.'