An Adeleke is trending on social media and for once it is not Davido or his lesser known cousins B-Red and Sina Rambo.

Newly elected Senator Ademola Adeleke is in the news for two things. Firstly, he won the Osun-West by-election defeating the APC candidate- a rarity in this Buhari led government.

Secondly and most importantly, Adeleke's dance moves made him a viral sensation. Ademola Adeleke showed the crowd that he has the moves to make an owambe addict green with envy. His boyish display of joy was a sight to see for the people of Osun who were at his victory party.

Six years after he released his smash single 'Dami Duro' we now know what Davido meant by "ijo Baba Sina Rambo."

The new Senator's dancing flick racked up views and retweets and a lot of people found it amusing and funny. Others were delighted at seeing his pure joy of winning the election.

I hate to be a wet towel but I didn't really like the video. As a matter of fact, it bothered me a bit. I am not a hater so I have racked my brain why I have found Senator Adeleke's dance moves disturbing.

I have seen many politicians dancing I didn't see anything wrong in it. American politicians dance all the time when they win elections and nobody bats an eyelid.

Context is very important. Senator Adeleke dancing to alujo music reminds me of Emperor Nero in the movie '.' In the movie, Nero was playing the fiddle when Rome burned.

Not to sound like a broken record but we all know what is wrong with Nigeria. There is famine in the North-East, Boko Haram is still a threat, the rate of unemployment is high and the National Assembly is more concerned with increasing its allowances than the minimum wage.

There are bigger issues to deal with in Nigeria but our senators are busy with trending on Twitter by performing ballads in their offices and dancing at parties.

One day we will see Nigerian senators actually doing their job. There is no problem with dancing but there are bigger things to deal with.