Future is coming after his ex-fiancée, Ciara and is countersuing her for $15 million after she sued him for the same amount back in February for defamation by publically claiming shes an unfit mother to their 2-year-old son.

Now, the rapper is demanding for her $15 million slander and libel lawsuit kicked out of court and for Ciara to pay his legal fees for defending himself.

As we reported, Ciara alleged that Future's comments made during a radio interview with Power FM's 'The Breakfast Club'  in July 2015 and on Twitter defaming her and painting her a bad mother and "cheap publicity seeker" with "control problems". The singer then asked the rapper to delete his tweets and stop speaking publically about her.

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Now, Future doesn't only want the case thrown out but he argues that her lawsuit has created more publicity than anything he ever said or wrote. In his docs, he also claims Ciara served him with the lawsuit in front of the paparazzi at LAX in order to create a scene.

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And Future’s harshest allegation in his countersuit is that his remarks couldn’t have damaged Ciara’s career, because she no longer has one. Future acknowledges in his court filing that had he made his comments years ago, she might have had a case, but despite still having a "huge" fan base, Ciara’s music career has stalled and not yielded her any awards or hit singles.

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The rapper also alleges in his countersuit that Ciara uses their son for publicity while out with her fiance Russell Wilson, often parading around for the cameras. Future is asking that her claims be tossed out, and that Ciara pay his legal fees and unspecified punitive damages.

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