The authorities of Bayero University Teaching Hospital recently took a step that reminded Nigerians of the importance of our heroes.

The University named a female hostel after Dr. Stella Adadevoh, whose death by implication saved Nigeria from Ebola epidemic.

Ebola was an imported danger brought to Nigeria from Liberia by an infested Patrick Sawyer. As a diligent Doctor, Adadevoh attended to Sawyer, the disease carrier. She contacted the disease and eventually died of Ebola.

Her death sent a strong signal to the government about the impending danger dangling on our heads. Her death was a serious call to action for the government that enjoys being reactive to every issue.

Adadevor was a genuine life saver. A heroine that should be recognised and honoured.

In other climes, she would have become a symbol of love and care. A goddess of diligence enshrined in school curricular for the younger generations.

But here is Nigeria, we have seen none of this. No institution health or educational has recognized the christ-like effort of Adadevoh to prevent a nation of 180 million people from dying of Ebola.

While the Federal and state government are still dragging their feet and are yet to see a reason to immortalise a life saver, the University authorities in the North, Bayero University have named a female hostel in the Institution's Teaching Hospital after Adadevoh.

Kudos to Bayero University, Kano management for this.

Prior to this time, Nigerians have cried out to government to honour the heroine but the pleas have been falling on deaf ears.

Now, that the BUK has shown them how to honour a heroine, the story of her  heroic act has to be passed down to incoming generations.

The younger generations need to know about her selflessness and diligence which saved a whole country from being consumed by a deadly disease.

One way to do this is to name schools, library, hostels, university teaching hospitals in her name.

Nigeria has a lot of state and federal Universities but only one has honoured the Ebola heroine.

The younger generations know about the like s of Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Tafawa Balewa and Ahmadu Bello not only because they were taught about these men at schools but also because streets, Schools, institutions are named after them. Their faces are even printed on our currency.

So, for the younger generations to know about Dr Stella Adadevoh, Teaching Hospitals across the country should have laboratories, hostels, libraries named after her.

Adadevoh should also be a veritable reference in Civic education and History in both primary schools and secondary schools respectively.

The incoming generation must know about this great woman because she served her fatherland with love, strength and faith and to keep the name of the heroine alive, education institutions must have entities named after named after her so that when students go to school to learn, they learn about her too.