Nathaniel Bassey encourages Christians to

On September 24, 2018, the popular Gospel artist took to Instagram to offer some words of encouragement to believers.

He starts his post by asking people to be comforted by the fact even Jesus Christ was mocked.  In his words, "Hello Believer, When you read the Bible, you would see that this kind of reaction to the move of God's spirit and things of God existed in bible days. Even our Lord Jesus was mocked. The scripture here is that of the day of Pentecost when the Apostles spoke with new tongues. They saw them as some lunatics. But we know the effect of this outpouring was felt days, months and years later. Even to this day."

Bassey goes on to discuss the difficulty that comes with a Christian living in this current day and age.

He says, "In the light of the era we live in, it's important to come to this realization, that our Faith is of "FAITH." It makes no sense to the unspiritual. They can't understand it. They can't understand why we say IT IS WELL when it isn't. They can't understand why we say I AM HEALED, when you still "look sick" etc, and to be fair to them, I understand their stance, because you CANNOT understand this by the human sense."

"In this era of social media, it is common to see this kind of mockery. Virtually every expression of our Faith is being mocked. "With all your prayer, praise and worship, what has changed?" "You say Jesus is coming back, we are still waiting", "your pastors are thieves and robbers", "where has your living for God and going to church brought you", "If your God is really good and powerful, then why is this and that happening…" etc. Brethren, we are not strangers to this sort of mockery. In fact, it's a major package of our Christian Faith."

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Why Christians need to ignore their 'haters' and keep praying

The popular gospel artist concludes by calling on Christians not to give up but hang in there.

"However, This kingdom, Jesus says, is like a seed. And like seeds they take time to grow. You don't plant a seed today and eat the fruit the same day. Besides, different seeds grow differently. While you may eat the fruit of one in a few months, others take years finding their root downwards. But when they begin to grow, they do so for years and years to come.

"So, don't believe the lie that prayer doesn't work. IT DOES. Some of us have seen, and keep seeing the fruit. Shall we just pray? Certainly not. We must strike the balance of . To lean alone on prayer is an error. So also is discarding prayer just for WORK. Wisdom provides for us that balance. So be encouraged. What we have is REAL. Keep praying that this gospel shines to every dark heart. And one day, they'll SEE. JESUS IS LORD," Bassey adds.

Watch the video below to enjoy some of his songs.