This was Hank Hanegraaff, who is also known as Bible Answer Man’s answer to a listener’s question, The Christian Post reports.

When asked if Jesus will be seen walking down the streets, Hanegraaff responded: “Jesus appears physically — of that, there is no doubt. The Christian faith is not platonic, it is physical. That is one of the reasons God used physical objects on this Earth to point to spiritual verities.”

During his video podcast, the president of the Christian Research Institute also told people not to worry if they will know when the second coming occurs as Christ will return in a physical form.

In his words: “He (Jesus) will put all things to right. Which is to say, the universe that now groans in travail will be liberated from its bondage [and] decay,” he said, adding that sin and Satan will be defeated.

“The Christian faith is very, very physical. Christ was raised physically from the dead. He ascended physically into Heaven, He transcends time and space, and He will return again physically, and we will be resurrected physically,” he said.

Concerning the people awaiting Christ’s return, he explains that “millions and trillions” of people will “welcome in the Master to a restored universe.”

Hanegraaff adds: “I know that it will be wonderful because the Bible describes it as glorious.”

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What will the Second Coming look like?

The Bible Answer Man is not the first person to attempt to offer a description of what this experience could be.

In 2017, the recently deceased Rev. Billy Graham stated that Christ’s return would be way different from his beginnings.

Noting that His birth occurred in “humble and obscure” conditions, the US evangelist revealed that He “[…] will come with power and glory to conquer evil and establish His Kingdom of righteousness and justice.

“He won’t be born as a baby but will come instead in all of His fullness and majesty. That which was hidden during his first coming will now be revealed — and every person on Earth will see him.”

It should be noted that evangelist Anne Graham Lotz, Graham's daughter, suggests that this could happen soon because of the natural disasters and violence all over the world.

She describes these as signs that the earth is going through the “birth pangs” in anticipation of Christ’s return.

There have been various predictions and prophecies about His return but none has come to pass.