Erotic Story/Smoking Bass Bass & Eva's delicate 'brothers' situation

Eva just found out that she cannot place who exactly she is pregnant for, after she slept with two brothers unknowingly.

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I had no idea if he had seen me but either way, I decided to go with the thought that he had not. I paid the bike man and made my way inside the compound. I was half expecting him to call out my name or run after me but nothing.

Something was really wrong somewhere. I got to Eva’s door and rapped out a few knocks on the door. Had to do so again before she came to open the door.

“I am sorry, I wasn’t sure if it was you. Didn’t want to get slapped across the face”. She said as I walked past her into the apartment.

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“Slap you? Who would dare?”

“I don’t know, Mide. I am just so scared and confused right now”. She was facing me now and I could fully take in the view of her full lovely breasts considering she had just a robe on her body and was completely naked beneath. I could see right down to her pussy and again my dick started to forget the situation at hand and was getting hard.

“Nothing is going to happen. No one is going to do anything to you. All you need to worry about right now is just getting that pregnancy out of you”. I couldn’t believe I was now an advocate for abortion but hey I guess I would rather the child not be born than having to live a complicated life concerning paternity.

“I don’t think I can go through with that today, I am just so scared. Mide, I really am”. She leaned towards me, I took a step back and sat on the arm rest of the closest couch.

“I know you are scared, confused and whatever. But are you having second doubts about removing the baby?”

“No, I am not. I do want it out. How can I keep a baby that I do not even know the father?” She said with so much composure that I just visualized a proper Yoruba mother listening to her daughter telling her she doesn’t know the father of the baby growing inside her. Two deaths would occur that day, that’s for sure. Three if you include the unborn baby.

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“Then what’s stopping you right now, go have a shower. Get dressed and let’s go”. I grumbled.

“Not today. I just want to rest right now, please”.

“Then why the fuck did you want me here?” I was getting pissed. Control yourself, Olumide. Control is key. I took a deep breath and calmed myself.

“I am sorry, I just wanted someone I could lean on around. I am so sorry but you are the only guy I can trust and one that knows me very well”. She moved even closer and was standing right in front of me now, her navel was right in front of my face. I felt the urge to stick my tongue out and lick her there but I controlled myself. Today wasn’t the day, to be honest I doubt if there was ever going to be a day after all this scenario.

“Trust? Coming from you Eva? Did you trust me enough to tell me the whole truth from the beginning? Was it not when things started going south you decided to speak up? I am still not even sure that is the whole story.” I was on the offensive now. She didn’t say a word; we were just there in silence.

I was looking up at her face and she was looking down at me with tears now rolling down her face. I didn’t feel a thing and I began wondering how immune I had gotten over the last twenty-four hours to her charm. Why had I not been this powerful years ago?! Arrrghhh! I groaned in my head.

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“I have told you the whole story, Mide. I have no other reason to lie. I was scared to tell you everything initially because I thought you would look down on me as some slut. And I didn’t want that from you. I have always cherished our friendship”. She slowly said after a while.

“Look at you as a slut? Eva, are you crazy. How many girls have I fucked and told you about? All the guys you have fucked and gisted me too about. The threesomes, the orgies. Why on earth would you think I would look down on you as a slut when we are both just the same. The only thing we basically haven’t done is fuck each other!”. I was in full rage, lost control.

Now I hated her, not for any other reason but for her making me go out of my comfort zone. I hated losing control. I was having a hard time breathing so I closed my eyes and started to calm myself down again.

My reputation over the last few years had been built on me being able to control myself, not letting emotions cloud my judgement. Some would even tell you I have got no emotions, I wish. I have just learnt to control them and not let them control me.

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And now Eva was making me lose all that. Damn her! I clenched my fist and squeezed my face as I tried to find some peace. And then I let go, I opened my eyes and just smiled at her. Letting my hand free.

“I am sorry. I am so sorry, I was just too scared. Please Mide, forgive me. I have got no one else to turn to”.

“It’s ok. What has happened has happened. We should just find a way to fix it all now. That’s the main thing.”

“I don’t know what to do now”. She whispered.

“Simple, go have a shower. Get dressed and we would head out to the hospital together. It will all be fine”. I said

“Ok” but she didn’t move. I looked into her eyes to see what was wrong this time. Unsure of when I started to read eyes o.

“You said one thing, Mide”. She continued.
“Said what”
“That we have never fucked each other”

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“Oh that was just me trying to explain things”. I chuckled as my stupid dick nodded.

“I know but”

“But what?” I asked, this had better not be what I think it is.

“Why not let’s fuck now and get it out of our system?” She took my hand and led it between her legs as she talked. Damn, she was wet as fuck. And that was it, my brain was no longer controlling the rest of my body. One finger was digging its way into her pussy and she was already moaning before it was in fully.

Olumide, she has got a baby forming inside her!

This put my all body right back to default settings and I pulled my finger out of her. She gasped at the speed at which I did that and stared at me for answers. I gave none. I kissed her navel and looked up at her.

“Go and shower, let’s get going”.

She opened her mouth to speak but at that moment, someone coughed behind her. She turned around to see and I stretched my neck also. And standing right there was Jide. Damn Eva, she had not locked the door back.

What sort of day was this turning out to be?

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