Erotic Story/Smoking Bass Ifeanyi's naughty evening at the office [Pt. 2]

Everyone watched the dick sucking contest between Kene and Oyinda, like a scene from a porn set then people began looking for their partners.

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No one said a word as they all watched Oyinda kiss the monster Kene called his dick.

She kissed it over and over again making sure her hands started moving slowly along its length as she did so. Her hands couldn’t cover much but it didn’t matter to her, at least. She let her head up a little and started rubbing her tongue on his slit.

Ifeanyi didn’t know if he was the only one who noticed Kene’s hands tightened up behind his head or maybe because he was the only one with the perfect view. He was standing at a corner where everyone was in his line of sight so it was understandable.

The only thing he was missing was the view of Oyinda’s ass as she knelt between Kene’s legs.

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Oyinda decided to step up the game and held on to Kene’s dick at the base. She tried as much as she could to get her hand around it and then proceeded to sink her mouth on him. Kene let out a low groan that Ifeanyi was sure everyone heard.

His hands fell off the back of his head and came to rest on his legs. One could bet he wanted them to rest on Oyinda’s head so bad considering what she was doing to him. Her mouth was tight as a pussy around his dick and way more wet than your average pussy.

He just had to admit to himself that this was the best mouth that had been on his dick but there was no way he was going to admit that to his co-workers and look like a novice. He had to man up so he kept a straight face even though he was burning up inside.

Oyinda knew she had never had a dick like this before but the bigger the challenge, the more determined she was. It was all about perception and she knew that very much. Her free hand went behind and slowly got to pulling her skirt over her ass.

Luckily for her, she never wore full panties to work except when she was on red. It was always strings, she wasn’t so sure if anyone knew except the director who fucked her often or thought he fucked her with that tiny dick of his.

Amaka folded her arms across her breasts. She didn’t want anyone seeing how erect her nipples were at the moment. How erect they had been ever since Oyinda pulled out that lovely dick. She couldn’t believe this was what Kene had been carrying around the office all these months that he had been working with them. If she had known this, she would have made her move on him a long time ago.

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His dick would have been drilling her regularly. Her pussy was so wet right about now but she didn’t want to make a move first before everyone started thinking of her as some sort of nympho. Same couldn’t be said of the others in the room.

Ifeanyi looked around to see how everyone was taking in the pornhub scene taking place right before them. Everyone looked all calm and composed but he was willing to bet that they were ready to break especially Kunle who kept blinking over and over again. And there was Tess. Tess! Ifeanyi had to look at her again just to be sure he was seeing right.

Tess had a hand right in her skirts and with the way she was moving it, he was pretty sure she was rubbing her pussy. Damn, Kunle was standing right next to her but he couldn’t see her considering his back was now turned to her as he focused his attention on Oyinda’s head going up and down Kene’s dick.

Even Kene was no longer looking down at the head tormenting him, he had looked up and seen Tess playing with herself. She had caught him looking at her and smiled. She licked her lips seductively and kept on like it was nothing. Now was the time he wished he was the one standing right next to her and not Kunle. How could the idiot not sense what the lady next to him was doing? He cursed over and over again in his head.

Oyinda grabbing his balls brought him back to what he was dealing with. He didn’t know he just groaned out loud.

Ifeanyi tried to get Kunle’s attention almost calling out his name but he knew that would ruin the show. He tapped his foot on the ground and stopped when he felt it was getting a little too loud. He finally gave up and decided to make his own move.

He reached out his hand and wrapped it around Amaka’s shoulder and pulled her closed. She moved closer without taking her eyes off Oyinda and Kene. He liked it just perfect, he moved behind her and kissed behind her neck. He felt her stiffened up and smile.

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This was probably going to be the best quickie ever. No time to waste time he said to himself, as much as it was Tess he wanted to actually fuck, he would just have to make do with what was before him. As he was getting out his dick, Amaka was pulling her skirt over her ass and wetting her fingers with saliva before rubbing it on her asshole.

“Fuck my ass, you have no condom”. She whispered without still looking back at him.

He wanted to object at first but then it would be better talking to her asshole he said to himself. She dey form careful and good lady abi.

He chuckled and he grabbed her ass. And it was softer than he had ever imagined. Amaka o.

He didn’t care about her pussy anymore as his cap knocked on her asshole and without any warning, he thrusted deep and with force into her. She screamed out and finally turned to look at him with tears forming up in her eyes and for a brief moment he softened up but then the tight feeling around his dick took over and he started fucking her.

He grabbed her neck and turned her face away from him so he wouldn’t have to see her reactions. He looked up to see how everyone had reacted to Amaka’s scream and was shocked to see Kunle fucking Tess on a table with her legs wrapped around his buttocks. Her hands were around his neck and he could only imagine how much fun Kunle was getting right now.

He kept fucking Amaka and spanked her soft ass as she started moaning out loud.

“Well, Na she say make I fuck her yansh” Ifeanyi said to himself justifying his actions.

He turned to see what was up with Kene and Oyinda, it didn’t surprise him to Oyinda standing up with a face covered in cum. Kene on the other hand was sitting there with his head thrown back , trying to catch his breathe no doubt.

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But his dick was still as erect as it had been from the beginning. Which kain human being be this? He didn’t know but he had slowed down his thrusting into Amaka and before he could say anything, she pulled her ass off his dick and before he could say anything she was standing right before Kene.

He could only watch as she slowly sank her pussy on his huge dick while saying ‘Jesus, Jesus’. The bitch had just said he had no condom yet she was going in skin tight on Kene’s dick. He couldn’t move, just stood there with his pointing out. Kunle had Tess lying on her back now and her legs high in the air as he kept fucking her.

And there was Amaka riding Kene like her life depended on it giving those moans one only got to hear in porn videos. And Oyinda? Well she looked at him straight in the eye and shook her head.

The end of his world, he had to admit as he pulled his trouser back up and hooked his belt. Then he turned around and walked out of the office.

He didn’t hear Kunle shouting as he came and filled up Tess’ pussy. He was busy closing the door behind him.