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Erotic Story/Mae Wilde Dangerous Addiction [Episode 5]

Ifechi is settling into her role with her friend and her friend's boss. After the initial gathering of all three, Ogochukwu has taken time apart to take care of her sexual needs specially.

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“I believe you asked a favour” Ogochukwu said as he kissed along my collarbone.

“Let me go!” Ifueko’s head snapped up and Ogochukwu pulled back to look at me, the smile and laughter on his face disappeared.

“You promised anything within your power” I reminded him, he shook his head, regret in his eyes.

“That! Little witch I cannot give you. An all-expense paid trip to New York, around the world if you like, but I want you to move in here with me. I won’t let you go after I have waited for you for so long” he looked to Ifueko and I followed his gaze, she looked upset with me, worry etched on her face she was ready to pounce in case he lost his temper.

“Ask anything else from me and it is yours”

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“No! Ogochukwu, I don’t want or need your money, I will NOT be owned like a sports car” I protested, he grasped my wrists hard and I gasped at the force of it. Ifueko sighed resignedly,

“Let her go Ogochukwu, give her time to get used to the idea, to miss us. She’s never been with a man like this before, we can’t force this on her, we will keep contact and I will report back to you” she said quietly.

What was I, an assignment?

“She took to you easier, how come?” Ogochukwu said with a touch anger and was that hurt I detected?

“well I am more… gentle” Ifueko replied with a smirk. I narrowed my eyes at Ifueko and she glared back at me, she stepped forward and gently removed Ogochukwu’s tight hold on my wrists and then placed a light kiss on his lips.

“Ifechi gather your things, we’re leaving” She said without looking at me, instead holding Ogochukwu’s gaze. Ifueko’s voice went from negotiating cool to threatening and hostile, I knew I had hurt her too. Ogochukwu wasn’t so easy to sway.

“No! Ifechi, you belong with me, I won’t let you go, I will chain you to this bed if I have to…” I smiled at him demurely before stepping back away from him

“I will not be owned Ogochukwu”

“You bitch! I screamed at the top of my lungs. Ifueko sat patiently waiting for me to finish my rant, it had been two weeks since I had seen her and since I was avoiding Ogochukwu I couldn’t as well go to his building to see her as she lived and worked there. She had expertly avoided me since that day at Ogochukwu’s house.

She hadn’t said a word in almost an hour of my tirade and it infuriated me the more, she looked at me calmly and once I had stopped to take a breath she stood up and glided over to me. Without warning she smashed her lips against mine holding me firm as she ravaged my lips with hers. I struggled to pull free but soon gave into the kiss, my hands automatically got lost in her hair, she had on her signature million braids, this time in purple, cascading loose down her back.

I got lost in the kiss, no matter how angry I was that she tricked me into going to her boss’ office then proceeded to ignore me, I really couldn’t resist her touch. Her hands slowly roamed my body, it was obvious that she had missed me as much as I had missed her, and without breaking the kiss, she trailed her fingers down my body to my sweet spot, making sure I didn’t stop her she tickled my clit ever so slowly, the way she knew I liked it. I moaned into her mouth and she moaned too, she pushed me against the wall a little roughly and the kiss became deeper.

She slid my dress down by the straps and it fell in a pool around my ankles, I broke off the kiss to step graciously out of them. she looked into my eyes then smiled her mischievous smile before speaking for the first time

“Ogochukwu always gets what he wants, we agreed that it was time” was that her defense? Did she know he was going to behave that way? Before I could complete the thought, she jabbed three fingers at once in to my pussy causing me to cry out loud, she held my gaze, her other hand holding my face at the chin so that I was unable to move it. she watched and smiled as my face changed from defiance to pleasure.

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I writhed as her fingers delved deeper, still looking at me, she finger-fucked me faster, reveling in the way my body reacted to her despite my obvious displeasure with her.

I started moaning louder now, my hands holding on to the one at my chin as my waist writhed and kept up with her fingers. Sweat trickled down my forehead as the waves took over me, just as she had brought me to the brink of ecstasy, she ruined it by saying

“I think you have kept Ogochukwu waiting long enough, don’t you?”

My sister had been inviting me to her once a month Sunday dinners at her house in Abuja and I had found every excuse in the book to miss it. my close relationship with my sister thrived on phone calls and whatsapp and I was fine with it, she had called me last week just as I had woken up from a deep slumber following a whirlwind weekend of fucking Ogochukwu, it was just the two of us this time and he was able to focus on bringing me absolute pleasure albeit through sadistic means.

My heart sang a new song continuously as he brought me to orgasm after orgasm for two days straight. I rolled over in bed to see my sister’s call which I was tempted to ignore but she would only keep calling. It was only 6am and Ogochukwu had likely gone to work, only my sister would call someone at such a time.

“Yesss” I whispered groggily.

“Yes yourself, why haven’t you been picking my calls?” She shrieked. Goddamn!

My sister could act like our mother, something that would freak her out if I ever voiced it.

“You called once Ifeyinwa and I picked” double eye roll

“See ehn, you’re coming to dinner this weekend and I won’t take any more excuses” she said and before I could protest she hung up. My pussy began throbbing again and I had a mischievous idea, I stood up and went to brush my teeth. Ogochukwu’s apartment was in the penthouse of the building he owned, his office only occupied three floors of the top ones, other companies rented the remaining 14.

Ifueko and some other choice staff lived in the luxury apartments just below his. I knew that no one even Ifueko had come to work yet and my pussy was throbbing hard, I tiptoed to the elevator in my robe and pressed for the 17th floor. I could hear him barking into the phone and something about the authority with which he spoke and the beautiful voice itself had my nipples so hard they threatened to cut through the thin silk.

I opened the door quietly to see his beautiful head backing the door. I surprised myself even, a month ago, I would not have dreamed of him even touching me and now I could not get enough of his dick and kisses.

I walked round to his side of the table and watched with glee as his face widened with shock and pleasure. I let the robe fall seductively around me and stood before him, nipples hard and pussy wet, I spread my legs apart a little and began to rub my clit, bringing my fingers to my mouth to lick up the wetness, I heard him gulp and rush off the phone and before I could blink, he was in front of me, his hard dick pressing against my abdomen and his mouth hot on mine.

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I wrapped my arms around him and melted in his.

My sister lived in a 7 bedroom house in a tightly secured estate in Maitama, Abuja. She has two sets of twins and scores of people moving in and out every other day, unlike me, my sister is very open and whatever is hers is yours. Her husband is ridiculously wealthy and as generous as she is, he also fucks her hard wherever and whenever – I was always extremely jealous about their sex life which still existed after 8 years of marriage.

As I stroll into their compound, I hear laughter coming from behind and I change course to the back of the house. I have in my hand an expensive bottle of Chardonnay I picked from Ogochukwu’s collection that I know my brother-in-law loves. His eyes lit up as they always do when he saw me, he has always been my biggest fan and I him. I always tell him that I wished I had seen him first and he would ruffle my hair and place a kiss on top of my head in response.

I know there’s a place in his heart that agrees but I’d rather not pursue it, I sense a new energy in the place, I see the usual guests but looking around, my eyes lock with the culprit, my gaze holds with the most beautiful and angelic face I have ever seen. This face is smiling at me as he listens to what my sister’s neighbor is saying and instantly my underwear is soaked with juice, I slide discreetly to greet my sister and I can feel his eyes following me.

I pick up one of my nephews from where he has his tiny arms wrapped around my sister’s ankles. She sticks her cheek towards me so I can peck it and then she smiles her welcome.

“I’m glad you came” she said as she dishes food onto a plastic plate for her son. I look around the garden watching silently at the other kids playing with their cousins.

“Who is he?” I whispered to her, she seemed to know who I was talking to because then a bright smile spread across her face.

“That’s Daniel’s former boss” Daniel is her husband, my eyes widened at this, he didn’t look a day over 30.

She shooed me over to the table, that was beautifully decorated with her signature candles in lamps around the place and made sure I sat opposite the stranger. Rather than eat the deliciously smelling food, I was trying so hard to cover my taut nipples from his intense gaze the whole night.

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When he finally spoke, I almost moaned out loud and I felt my yellow face reddening in embarrassment, I was tempted to slip a finger into my pussy to treat myself when my little niece caught my attention. I didn’t see him leave the table and when I looked up the disappointment must have shown on my face because my sister leaned forward so only I could hear

“He must be in his room” she whispered, smiled then leaned back as though she hadn’t said a word – my sister had always been a team player, bless her! she even offered me her husband to take my virginity once. I hesitated but after five minutes, she caught my eye again and gave me a pointed look. I excused myself and walked gingerly into the main house.

I walked up to the one of two guest rooms I knew my sister reserved for “important guests” and knocked gently. A moment later a gruff voice said “enter” and I entered slowly, shut the door and stood there, it was a moment before he looked up from his laptop, I saw his eyes register who it was then that predatory smile again.

He took off his glasses and rose from the bed slowly before stalking forward to close the gap between us. That smile and the intense heat caused my heart to race and pound a mile a minute, a need for him burned within my veins, it happened so quickly I didn’t have time to register that I wasn’t supposed to be here.

I had been fucking Ogochukwu continuously for about a month now, granted he hadn’t said we were in a relationship but he was very possessive of me, and I was falling in love with him, he would kill this beautiful stranger whose name I didn’t know if he ever learned of this.