China's President Xi Jinping sent congratulations to US president-elect Donald Trump and said he looked forward to working with him, state broadcaster CCTV reported Wednesday.

"I highly value China-US relations, and look forward to working together with you, and holding fast to mutual respect and non-conflict, non-confrontation," the channel cited Xi as saying in its nightly national broadcast.

As the world's two largest economies, China and the US have an important responsibility to safeguard world peace and stability, and promote global prosperity, it quoted him as saying.

"Developing longterm stable and healthy Sino-US relations in accordance with the benefit of both countries' peoples is also the international community's common expectation."

Citizens of China watched raptly as results rolled in Wednesday afternoon Beijing time, greeting Trump's victory with a mixture of optimism and bemusement.

Trump has railed against the country's trade policies, blaming the Asian giant for US job losses and promising to impose a 45-percent tariff on Chinese-made goods.

But one Chinese spectator at an election viewing event at the US Embassy in Beijing told AFP she thought Trump "will have some very friendly foreign policies towards China".