Ex-Head of State,

Gowon, in reference to the recent arrest of judges by the Department of State Services (DSS), also said that allowing the agencies to cross legal boundaries could threaten Nigeria’s democracy.

“Honestly, it is a serious thing and I hope that the government would give directives to the operatives not to go outside the precepts and the law because if the situation is mishandled, it can be a threat to democracy,” Gowon said according to ThisDay.

“We pray for better solution to those problems; we pray the government should look for ways and means to deal with this problem of recession which I know they are doing.

“I can assure you that I saw the president before going to Botswana for the golden jubilee of their independence and one of the things we discussed was the concern of the people as far as the economic situation is concerned.

“He was honesty to say that he knows about these problems and that he and members of his government are doing all they can to find solution to this problem.

“Governing is not easy, I am talking from personal experience, these things are not achieved overnight and a lot of Nigerians expect the problem to be solved within a day or two because we got to go through the reasons we are having this recession.

“It is obvious that because the price of oil keeps coming down so low, at a time, oil sold for $150 per barrel but now you struggle to get it at $50 barrels also lack of other things like industries which needs to be established to help.

“We missed from some of these things some years back, that is why industries, businesses are unable to make up for the shortfall of revenue from oil but I know every effort is being made to address the problem.  Let us give government that time and keep reminding them that there is this problem and they got to do whatever they can to solve it.

“Let us cooperate by helping to ensure that the government hears the concerns and do something about it, criticize constructively don’t just condemn outright,” he added.

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