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“In view of the widespread abuse of consumer rights in the country, I elected on assumption of office to embark on sectoral interventions as opposed to resolving only individual complaints.

“The reasoning is that the modification of the conduct of a major industry player resulting from such investigation would set the standards for other industry players in that sector to follow, thereby guaranteeing consumer satisfaction at a faster and wider spread.

“Without doubt, this has yielded enormous benefits to consumers in the food and beverage sector. Currently, complaints about half-filled cans and foreign substances in drinks, including rusty bottle tops have been greatly reduced.

In bid to celebrate the World Consumers Day, Atoki said that since she resumed office, proper conduct is being enforced on all industry players. Adding that there have been a visible result in food and beverage sector.

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Atoki urged customer to report any form of consumer misconduct they have experienced.

“The council is determined to continue to pursue the protection of the rights of consumers with vigour.”

“Consumers are, therefore, urged not to just grumble among themselves, but to complain when their rights have been breached,” she added.