Listen up, Candace Cameron Bure reads ALL the nutrition facts. And you cannot fake her out with healthy-

Following an inspection of the cute box of gingerbread oat bars, Candace was skeptical. And after a taste, she determined they were just gingerbread cookies posing as a kid-friendly healthy snack. “Don’t let the cute little polar bear fool you-or the name oat bar,” she warned, but that didn't stop her from admitting, “it tastes really good.”

When charged with the task of sampling an assortment of chocolate-covered goodies, a new bar was set. “With a name like Jingle Jangle it’s got to be good,” Candace said about the packaging. But when she went in for the chocolate-y pretzel, she wasn’t too impressed. What brought her around: the salty/sweet balance of the chocolate-covered popcorn she went for next.

After thoughtful deliberation, though, it was the Pfeffernüsse- spiced cookies topped with powdered sugar-that won the day. “Those are delicious because it’s not super-sweet,” she said. And while she thought the cookies might pair nicely with tea, it wasn’t enough to assume. So, Candace got a cup to try the combo IRL, and she was right. If that’s not commitment to holiday snacking, then I don’t know what is.