Follow this tips and you will never go broke wile balling.

Being young and single comes with a lot of pressure especially these days where everyone wants to splurge.

I am sure you have once been at that point where you had to choose between being a baby girl or ‘bad” boy and just keeping that cash for more important stuff

Here are some tricks to stay within budget. We don’t want to hear stories that touch before the end of the month.

Draw up a budget

I know, I get it. Handling that much money can be a big deal. Especially if it is your first salary. But you have to be smart about it. Else, you might be in capital OYO.

Learn self control

Get a grip! Find coping mechanisms if necessary. Probably remember what it felt like being broke or remember the joy of seeing the digits go up in your account. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do

Be adequately generous with yourself

Don’t be stingy to yourself please! Don't budget #500 for transport when you know it takes #1000 to get you to your office. You might be lucky sometimes, but manna does not fall from heaven!

Have separate accounts

This is a big life saver. I will advise you run two separate accounts one for savings and one for “spend money”.

Don’t get ATM for your savings account

I know some of us just can’t get a hold of ourselves. Especially when that lovely shoe we have been eyeing pops up or nice food location drops. Not having your ATM handy will reduce the urge.

Invest your money

Investment is a good way to save your money
Investment is a good way to save your money

There are so many apps and investment schemes springing up these days encouraging saving habits. Invest in them. Learn to save!! We are not talking of the miracle workers o. Legit apps in which you can monitor your growth.

Reduce the money on Aso ebis

Slayers... It's absolutely fine to want to go all out to look peng. But what would become of a slay queen who after all the cute look can’t afford bus fare home?