A bride is always the center of attention at every wedding. Not only does her beauty speak volumes, her wedding dress has to command respect. Most times, brides love to go for top designer pieces for their weddings to look special and

Designers, Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig decided to go with a casino nightlife themed collection by way of 1995's Martin Scorsese film, "Casino." Where ex-hustler, Ginger McKenna, played by Sharon Stone celebrated her nuptials by spreading out a chinchilla coat on her bed by all of her gold Bulgari jewelry.

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Going with today's brides, wedding gowns have gone way past being or looking simple. Weddings gowns are now characterized with sequins, beads, jewels, and trappings. They ultimately steal the show and guests end up remembering what the bride wore down the aisle rather than the food they ate.

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Take a look at these beautiful bridal-inspired looks from Marchesa's recent Resort Collection and ask yourself if you don't want to be in one of these on your wedding day.