Cheating is bad regardless of who practices it or for which reason they do so.

This is a message and idea that has been repeatedly flogged and imprinted on everyone's minds. Sadly, it appears that the more you talk about this, the more willing people become to participate in it.

Some claim that about 60% of men and 50% of women will cheat in the course of their marriage.

Still talking about women; do you know the type of man most women fantasize about cheating with?

The answer is a lot closer than you might have imagined.

A survey reported on Playboy Magazine claims that women fantasize about cheating with... their neighbours.

Yes, their very next-door neighbour!

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The report says that up to 62% of cheating women have fantasized about this and when a further survey of 8000 women was conducted on, "31 percent of the site’s female visitors admitting to having had an affair with whomever lives next door.

"Most of this naughty neighbor behavior is a one-night fling, but not always: 14 percent of the affairs lasted several weeks and six percent continued on for more than a year." reports Playboy online mag.

So how true do you think this is. Do women really fantasize about their neighbour that much, or this is just baseless and untrue?

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