It's very true that you can find love anywhere! Toyin and Tahir's story is a good example of that.

Toyin shares their brief but inspiring love story below, plus she includes a little piece of advice for single ladies:

"It all started when I worked in church as a volunteer staff and I remember that the first day I saw him, I thought to myself: 'oh this is one cute church guy'... we later became friends and I kept on saying to myself, 'TY, this guy is just your friend', but deep down, I knew we had grown to be more.

"He has a good sense of humour, a cute smile (sure you noticed) and my die-hard friend and like most guys that I had scared off, I thought he'd go after a while, but he stayed and never left. So for chicks in search of true love, just be you and let love find you. #Savethedate 04-04-15"

Their beautiful pre-wedding photos were professionally captured by Auxano Photography. Take a look at them in the gallery below: