Dear Bukky,

Good morning. Please I want your advice and opinion. There is this Igbo lady that I met during my NYSC. I asked the lady out and we started dating with the plan that I’d date her just for the duration for the service year and end everything after the end of one year.

The whole thing changed, however, because I found out that the lady is totally different from all others that I’ve ever dated. She is caring, God fearing, and hardworking. When I and this lady started dating, a lot of things changed in my life. My spiritual life, my finances, and even the way I viewed life and relationships.

I used to believe that I can't stay in a relationship without sex. I was literally staying in the same apartment with this babe for one whole year, sleeping on the same bed without sex because she’s still a virgin and she’s unwilling to lose it just yet.

She encourages me to save, she doesn't like spending money unnecessarily and she supports me in everything that I do.

Problem is; her mum doesn’t want her to marry a Yoruba guy. What should I do?_______________

Dear reader

This is one regular problem that many other persons have overcome and I think you can, too.

From all you wrote, it’s obvious you are sold on the woman in question. The thing to do now is to first be sure if she feels the same way about you. Is she in this for the long-haul as you are? Does she want the same thing as you?

While it is convenient to guess and do a personal assessment of the situation, I think none of this grants the same level of certainty you’ll get if you actually ask her and hear her say it.

If she really is looking forward to forever with you, too, then your problem is half-solved. It is the interest and conviction she has about you that will make it easy for her to convince her folks that you are the best thing for her. The truth is this: only the babe can talk to her parents and  make them see reason why you both should marry.

So you need to be sure that she stands for the relationship as you do. With that done, it becomes easier to get her to do the [tough] job of convincing her parents to let her be with you.

Your job is to keep treating your woman right and watch her break through those walls and barriers to be with you._______________Do you want to talk about your love life, marriage or family issues?

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