Dear Bukky,

I’m in a relationship but I’m losing it.

I love my girlfriend very much and she is the one I want to marry but right now things are not working out with us.

She hates me now she has stopped coming to my house because I confronted her about her cheating on me. She denied it. But I still love her._________

Dear reader,

If she denied the cheating allegations, don’t you think that should be why she’s pissed off at you?

I mean, if she really did not cheat on you and all you had was a case of hear-say and you confronted her with that, then I think her anger is justified.

I don’t think your relationship is in danger though. You still love her and she did not cheat on you. Even if she did, you sound like you don’t mind and I think that’s cool.

All you need to do now is to apologise to her and hope for the best.

I’d advise that you address cheating allegations more carefully next time, and I hope she’s not feeling too slighted to continue the relationship with you.__________

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