Dear Bukky,

A year ago I found out that my girlfriend cheated on me with another guy.

At first she came bold and told me that the guy tried to force himself on her but nothing happened. But later on I found out that she had some romance with the guy but didn't have sex. She told me she was sorry and I forgave her. 

Some months ago she gave birth to a child (my son) and we are already planning on our marriage.

But I found out that she is having a flirtatious chats with her ex boyfriends.

I really don’t understand her. What should I do?___________

Dear reader,

It’s easy. If you do not understand your partner, the number way to know is to ask questions, to sit her down and have a heart to heart conversation with her. Read this piece here to better understand why this is a necessary first step.

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She’s your partner, isn’t she? Then go to her with your worries and concerns. If you have forgiven her one time, then you have been fair enough to her unfaithfulness and I think she’ll understand that any conversation you ae initiating now is not from a place of judgement. Rather, from a place of judgment. Rather, you’re doing so with a desire to actually see the relationship work.

I think you should not hold back on this one. Talk to her about how this makes you feel. Her flirtations with every man, especially her exes need to stop and there’s no way she’ll know this if you do not talk to her.___________

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