I met a lady she's 25. She told me all about her previous relationship and how the guy was not serious, so they decided to end it.

So we got on the road of relationship, only for her to stop picking my calls, or responding to my texts few weeks afterwards.

She later told me she was having emotional problems, she said I wouldn't like to hear what it was all about

I told her I could handle it, and she said she was pregnant for her ex, and when she told him about it, the guy said she should abort it.

He said he did not want a baby, but she was scared of aborting the baby, and I decided not to leave her.

However, she asked to be left alone for now,, so I gave her some time because I knew it would be hard for her to trust men again.

After few months, I texted her to know how she and baby were doing, so we started texting again, I promised her to send her some of the baby things because we are not living in the same state.

Now to the reason I'm writing you guys, I want to send the baby things with a letter and engagement ring because I love this lady and I don't want anything to happen to her, so I really need you guys’ advice on this.



I appreciate you trusting me with an issue as sensitive as this.

And please accept my apologies on the mode of response.

The type of response you requested [direct mail] is not presently available at the moment, but I really needed to get back to you on this matter, so I hope this is acceptable.

Now, having said that, I must say, first and foremost, that what you are trying to do here is a very noble, mature and manly thing. It speaks volumes about the kind of good man you are.

Not many men would be willing to settle for a woman carrying another man’s baby, so it is indeed commendable and impressive that you intend to do this.

I only just want to add that while it is commendable, it might be a little tricky and pose few problems.

One of these problems is that so far that baby will be in your care, [supposing you and its mother eventually marry] then you should be ready to entertain the presence of the ex boyfriend occasionally [maybe a little more frequently].

Apart from that, have you settled the issue with your family? What are your parents’ thoughts on this move you are about to make?

Furthermore, I do not think it is cool to send someone a proposal.

Your intentions are pure of course, but I also do not think doing the proposal at the same time you are giving her the baby’s things is a good idea.

So here is my honest advise, you can send the baby’s things to her with a note that you would love to come over some time later.

Let her know you need to see her, and plan a time to go see her.

No matter the distance, you have to go see her and make that marriage proposal face to face.

That’s the respectful, romantic way to go about it.

Hope this helps you.

And once again, sorry a direct mail could not be sent.


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Yours truly!