Just because you become jealous every once in a while doesnt mean your relationship is headed for damnation.

It's a normal reaction that just shows that you care, and you do not want who you treasure to be taken away from you.

There is a fine line, however, between being a jealous partner and being a paranoid, distrustful lover.

To ensure that trust remains in the relationship and jealousy is kept at the barest minimum, you should consider the suggestions below:

Learn patience

If you must succeed in any relationship, you have to realize that not all situations appear as they look.

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You must be calm enough to hear what your partner has to say before jumping to conclusions and acting out on them.


It all boils down to the issue of trust here again.

Now, of course, there is meant to be a level of ‘wokeness’ in everyone who has a relationship these days, so that you don’t get played.

However, balancing that ‘wokeness’ with a reasonable level of trust is a minimum requirement for a romantic relationship to flourish.

Focus on yourself

When your attention is on you and your partner, and how to make things better in your relationship, then there might be not much room for jealousy and negative feelings.

All other fears will dissolve when you focus on your blessings.