So it is impressive and heartwarming to see this pretty Canadian bride bucking the trend in the most selfless ways imaginable.

Jess Nakrayko not only allowed her friend’s proposal to happen at her wedding, she actually planned it!

Jess and her new husband, James, married in April 2017 in Jamaica and the ceremony included 45 of her nearest and dearest from across Canada.

Top of that list is her longtime best friend, Jessica Kieley and her boyfriend, Adam Brake.

"I had my two best friends and my sister as my bridesmaids," Nakrayko tells HuffPost Canada.

"…Jess literally poured herself into my wedding. She planned a full trip to Montreal for my bachelorette, hosted an incredible shower and just did a lot leading up to the wedding."

As she was planning her best friend’s wedding, her own proposal was being planned by her boyfriend, Adam Brake and best friend whose wedding she was seriously working towards. [One good turn deserves another, of course!]

When Jess first introduced the idea of proposing at her Jamaican wedding to Adam, he was first skeptical.

"He told me, 'I don't want to take anything away from your wedding trip,'" recalls Jess.

But Jess didn’t mind and told him so, and alongside the bride’s sister, they reached a plan to just pass the bouquet to Jessica, instead of doing the traditional toss to the waiting group of single ladies.

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As the bouquet was being passed to Jessica, her boyfriend, Adam would be waiting on his knee just behind her, holding an engagement ring.

Speaking about the execution of the plan, Jess says, "so then we had the song change from 'Man I Feel Like A Woman' to 'Marry Me.'

“I started walking to Jessica, and there was a moment where we locked eyes, and as I went to pass her the bouquet, she started hysterically sobbing, saying 'no, are you serious?'"

Photographer Ross Dance caught the emotional moments on camera, and you can see just how amazing everything turned out.

"The way my husband and I looked at it was sometimes the actual concept of a wedding gets lost.

It's to marry your best friend and spend the rest of your life with them and celebrating love and sharing your love with everyone else," Jess says.

"My best friend was starting her love story — I didn't even think about that being me giving up my day. I have love and I want people close to me to have that love too.

"I don't think that people need to be greedy about love," she adds.

Well said, Jessy, very well said.