How long after a breakup should one begin a new relationship?

Exactly how much time do they need to heal before they become emotionally available again?

We asked this question in an article published here and asked for readers to share their opinions and vote in the poll.

The results gotten from that poll shows that there is no time frame to work by when considering getting into a new relationship after a breakup.

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Most readers, [63.5%] voted that all the only requirement is your readiness. As soon as you feel emotionally ready, whether immediately after a breakup or after several months, you can go ahead and get into a relationship again.

27% vote that your next relationship after a breakup should happen as soon as someone else comes along, 4.8% say you have to wait till after three months, while the last 4.8% say should never wait till three months to replace a lover that is no longer in your life.