Okay. Depending on how you and your former significant other broke up, there are a number of scenarios that could happen when you see each other again.

And best believe that you will most likely run into them at some point whether you like it or not.

If you broke up/ separated peacefully due to irreconcilable differences, your reaction when you run into him/her could be different to that of a person whose relationship ended dramatically and in bitter, angry circumstances.

When some people run into their partners, they go the other way. They run away as fast and as far as they can.

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Others just totally ignore his or her presence. They pretend that they did not see her or that there wasn't ever a time when that person was their sun, moon and stars.

In other instances, some people break down in tears at the remembrance of what that partner made them go through, some other people wave from a distance and avoid actual conversation.

And some other fiery people legit engage in hostilities and might even loudly insult each other.

And sometimes people choose to act mature and actually hold civil conversations with their exes regardless of how their split came about. This is quite rare though, as far too many relationships end in acrimonious circumstances.

Whatever the case, let us know what your reaction will be if you ever run into an old flame by voting in the poll below.