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The new trend seems to be to whisk your friends and family away to a beautiful serene destination, outside of Nigeria, with beautiful pictures all over the internet. However, is this a move to save cost by reducing your guest list that would otherwise triple, if you were in the country or is this a matter of pride because you want to measure up to your friends who had their weddings abroad too?

Finally, looking at things from the celebrity perspective, is it truly wise to have a destination wedding? Most of the cost for these celebrity weddings are hugely dealt with by family and rich associates. Ideally, the couple get to go scott free financially. However, the guests still have to pay for their tickets and additional costs just to see you get married. Is this really fair?

These are some of the issues that are discussed in this episode of the Pulse Lifestyle Podcast. Over the next week, we’ll roll out more podcasts from the Pulse Lifestyle desk to give you a better mobile experience of the magic of Pulse.